Highly experienced agronomic team!

Our Gorst Rural agronomy team is the most experienced in the district. We are able to advise on production methods for a wide range of crops and pastures, proving year after year our impact on local growers’ profitability and sustainability. 


Our experienced agronomists will commence the season with a tailored agronomic farm plan setting out the specific cropping and pasture program to suit the grower’s individual requirements. From this farm plan the seasonal requirements are planned for and budgeted appropriately.


Our large soil testing and germination testing program commences at the beginning of the season and is used to assist with planning requirements for individual paddocks and systems. The soil tests will identify deficiencies in nutrients and minerals that may need to be added to the fertiliser requirements for the season.  


Our agronomy team will work with their clients throughout the season, monitoring progress of crops and pastures and making recommendations for spraying, fertiliser and other inputs or applications that may be required to produce the most profitable outcome.  


Our agronomy team pride themselves on keeping ahead of the game with new technologies and products. The team attend a number of industry updates and agronomic tours throughout the year to ensure their knowledge and skills are continually improving.  


The Gorst Rural agronomy team pride themselves on being the best in field and to keep ahead of the game a large portion of our training and development is spent with our extensive trials program. We have established over a number of years strong relationships with key suppliers who come to our team specifically to run trials on new products and techniques. We are also very grateful to the growers who also allow us to utilise sections of paddocks on their properties to run the trials.

We have our own trial seeding plant as well as spraying, spreading and harvesting plant which allows us to effectively manage timing and conditions when it comes to cropping applications. 


Each year the trials are planned with specific purpose to be able to improve knowledge and ultimately profitability to our growers. We trial new seed varieties, chemicals, fertilizer combinations and other combinations that may be of interest to the growers that we service. We report on our trials throughout the season and hold trial days for our growers to come along and see the progress as well. At the end of the season once the trials are harvested we collate a results book which summarises the performance of each trial with recommendations and observations. These trial results books are available to our agronomy clients and are used extensively for farm planning the following year.